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Global citizenship through compassionate service-learning!

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Burt Woolf addresses
50+ tourism leaders
in Bangkok

October 16, 2008; BANGKOK: The Thailand Chapter of the Pacific Asia Travel Associaion hosted World-for-World Tour Leader Burt Woolf as the keynote speaker at its quarterly meeting at the Bangkok Convention Centre. Addressing 50+ of Thailand's leading tourism industry and government executives, Woolf spoke on “Integrative Travel: A New Vision for Tourism Development."

In his presentation, Woolf suggested a new orientation to tourism development and a new role that weaves the
travel and tourism industry directly and comprehensively into the fabric of community and economic life of resident destinations.

Drawing on his 20-year professional career in rural destiination development in the U.S. and his extensive travel experiences in Thailand, Woolf offered a new strategic framework for tourism development that re-focuses private sector industry leaders and public agency officials on sustainable modes of visitation -- such as World-for-World Travel to Thailand -- that contribute to the sustenance, growth and well-being of the destination, rather than on offerings that consume or damage increasingly depleted and fragile local resources (natural, built, cultural and social).

...are you ready for an unforgettable cross-cultural, service-learning experience that will transform your life?

The Center for Quality of Life presents...
World-for-World Travel to Thailand 

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Check out the video below to see sites, sounds, and activities on one segment of our World-for-World Tour to Thailand!

Global Citizenship Through Compassionate Service

The World-for-World Travel Program to Thailand is a new and exciting tour experience that will make a difference in your own life and in the world around you. Participants on this trip -- college-age and older -- will co-create a service-learning community whose higher purpose is to foster:

  • Global citizenship;
  • Cross-cultural understanding;
  • Direct and deep engagement with authentic natural, historic, cultural, and spiritual resources;
  • Service to the country being visited;
  • Sustainable tourism development; and
  • Inter-generational mentoring.

During the tour, a small inter-generational group will visit Thailand for more than two weeks. The tour participants will learn from Thai people about Thai customs and culture (a cross-cultural curriculum will be part of the trip). In turn, the westerners will be ambassadors for the best qualities of their own cultures -- generosity, diversity, inclusiveness, hard work, and compassion for the plight of others. As visitors, we will support Thailand's role in the world community; and the Thais will offer us options for living life back in our home-land in a context of happiness, sufficency, human dignity and humility.

This will be a journey filled with adventure, surprises and spontaneity, but also guided to further your personal growth and development. Throughout the trip, we will reflect on the way that our daily experiences and work with the people, places and culture of Thailand are furthering our personal intentions for fulfillment and satisfaction in our own lives.

Participants can expect a culturally rigorous travel experience with an emphasis on teaching, learning and voluntary service. We will engage directly and deeply with the people, heritage, sites, culture and natural resources of Thailand. We will give to the places and people we visit as much as, or more than we take away; and we will learn as much as we teach.

This is truly a sustainable travel program with a higher purpose that will provide a fascinating life experience, unforgettable memories and lasting relationships.